Ready to Go on a Global Scavenger Hunt?

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Travelers looking for a unique adventure that will challenge them both physically and mentally will be interested to learn about the Global Scavenger Hunt, a competition that sends participants around the globe in a quest to be crowned the “World’s Greatest Traveler.”

The GSH pits 15 teams of two against one another in an event that is unlike any other. Competitors face unusual challenges, solve puzzles, and decipher clues, all while racing around the globe on a route that is revealed as the scavenger hunt is take place. They visit secret locations, immerse themselves in fascinating cultures, and try to stay one step ahead of the other teams, while circumnavigating the planet using their wits and skills.

The Global Scavenger Hunt is gearing up for its 11th edition in 2015, and is set to take place April 10 through May 2. It will begin and end somewhere in North America, but exactly where has yet to be revealed. The route around the planet promises to be an exciting one, although exactly what path it takes will only be released as the competition unfolds. Reportedly, there will be ten countries on the docket for next year’s competition.

The event is a bit like the television show The Amazing Race, although I’m told that it doesn’t rely so much on speed and agility, as it does thoughtful immersion in the cultures of the places the teams visit along the way.

Organizers for the GSH are now taking applications for next year’s event, and it does come with a hefty entry fee. The two-person teams must pony up $25,000 to join in on the fun, although that does include all airfare, hotel rooms, 40% of the meals, and some sponsored gear.

The competition isn’t just about racing around the world however. There are breaks in the competition that give travelers an opportunity to spend a half-day volunteering locally, and some of the proceeds go towards building schools in remote places. Each year of the GSH has been able to fund a co-ed school in a developing country, such as Kenya, Ecuador, and India.

While the entry fee is a bit pricey, this does look like a fun event. If you’ve got he time, and the funds,  this would certainly be the challenge of a lifetime. Find out more at

Kraig Becker