Training for the Mountains with RMI Guide Seth Waterfall

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Preparation for a big climb on any mountain goes a long way towards determining the level of success that can be achieved. If you don’t put int he work ahead of time, chances are you’ll suffer mightily when your expedition begins. Recently, the Eddie Bauer blog caught up with RMI guide Seth Waterfall to get some tips on preparing for a climb. As you would probably expect from a three-time Everest summiteer, he had some good insights to offer.

To get things started, Seth says he defines “mountain training” as having a specific goal in mind. Rather than just going to the gym, or hitting a trail, for regular workouts, you instead know what your objective is, and begin tailoring your workouts towards achieving that goal. He says that while the gym is a good place to train, he prefers actually being outside, and on a mountain where the practical aspects of the training come into play.

Seth goes on to discuss such topics as his layering system for mountain training, what footwear he prefers while training, and the three things that he focuses on most while preparing for a climb. Those three things include building a strong base, working on power training, and the importance of getting rest to help the body recover.

This is all good information from a man who makes his living in the mountains. In addition to climbing Everest three times, Seth has summited Rainier 137 times, and guided climbers up that mountain, as well as Kilimanjaro and Denali. Hs resume even includes ski descents of Denali and Mt. Waddington as well.

If you’re looking for a few basic tips to help provide direction and focus to your mountain training, this short article is worth a look.

Kraig Becker