Video: A Climbing and Paragliding Adventure in Chamonix

A few weeks back, climber Julien Irilli had himself quite an adventure in the Alps near Chamonix, France. Irilli began the day by first taking a cable car to the top of the Aiguille Du Midi. From there, he then paraglider off the mountain, and soared to the foot of the Grandes Jorasses. Once back on the ground, he then climbed the North Face via the Colton/Macintyre route in just 3.5 hours. Once he reached the summit, then paraglided from the top once again, and was back in Chamonix before 4 PM. The video below gives us a glimpse of that adventure, with our friends at EpicTV catching up with Julien to get more insight on his climb and glide.

Kraig Becker