Video: The Himalayan Stove Project

If you’re a  regular reader of my blog, you’ve probably read my posts about the Himalayan Stove Project over the past couple of years. The HSP is a wonderful organization that is helping to change lives throughout Nepal, by replacing inefficient and archaic stoves, with new ones that burn much more cleanly and efficiently, quite literally saving lives in the process. A few days ago, the organization released a new video about their work, and I think it sums up what they do incredibly well. It is a short clip that not only introduces viewers to the Himalayan Stove Project, but shows us first hand the impact of their efforts in Nepal. Truly inspiring work.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: The Himalayan Stove Project”

  1. Yes I,m so Proud to be involved with a project that makes a profound difference in peoples everyday lives….

  2. Agreed! There are a lot of organizations out there attempting to do good things. The Himalayan Stove Project is actually DOING great things!

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