Best Hike Treks The Simien Mountains of Ethiopia


If you’re looking for a spectacular destination for an adventure in 2015, than perhaps the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia will make a suitable location. My friend Rick McCharles, the editor of, just returned from that amazing setting, and as usual he has all kinds of great tips and photos to share with readers.

Rick launched his journey in Gondar, a small town that is one of the best places to find guides, supplies, and information prior to setting out into the Simien Mountains. A typical trek through the region – which is both a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site – takes roughly four days to complete. Along the way, travelers pass through the spectacular Ethiopian highlands, visiting local villages, and encountering amazing wildlife as they go.

For those unfamiliar with the Simiens, they are a chain of mountains that stretch across northern Ethiopia. Rugged and remote, the region features rocky plateaus separated by deep gorges and valleys, and towering peaks. The highest mountains in the Simien Range climb above 4400 meters (14,435 ft), making a dramatic and breathtaking backdrop to the walk.

You can read Rick’s account of all four days of his journey – starting with Day 1 – by clicking here. Each of his daily reports include very helpful information for anyone who would like to do this trek themselves, as well as an array of great photographs that he shot along the trek. He offers valuable tips that will make anyone’s journey to the Simiens an easier one, and helpful advice on how to make such a journey possible. His Simien Trek information page is especially helpful in this regard, and should serve as a great resource for anyone thinking of visiting this part of the world.

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One of the parts of the trek that Rick enjoyed the most was spotting wildlife along the trail. He especially enjoyed seeing and interacting with the baboons that were plentiful in the highlands. Seeing those primates in their natural environment was a real treat, and true highlight of the experience for sure.

This isn’t the fist time I’ve had a friend recommend the Simien Mountains as a great trekking destination. I understand that it a truly spectacular part of the world, and that the people there are incredibly friendly and accommodating too. As you start looking ahead for new adventures in 2015, perhaps you’ll keep this trek in mind as well. It looks like it was an amazing experience.

Kraig Becker