Donate to the Himalayan Stove Project on #GivingTuesday


Last week we celebrated Black Friday with millions of holiday shoppers taking to retail outlets en masse in search of the best deals they could possibly find. Today, those same shoppers are looking for great bargains online as part of Cyber Monday. It is all a part of the holiday shopping season, during which many of us get caught up in the mad rush to find that perfect gift for the loved-ones on our shopping lists. But if you’ve had your fill of the holiday commercialism already, then you may want to take part in Giving Tuesday, a global day for giving back.

There are, of course, many worthy causes and organizations that will be seeking attention during Giving Tuesday, but one of my favorites is the Himalayan Stove Project. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably seen me post about the HSP before. It is a wonderful organization that is dramatically changing the lives of people living in Nepal by replacing their old methods of cooking, with a clean, efficient stove. The benefits that these new stoves bring in terms of health are enormous, and it is difficult to overstate just how life-transforming they actually are. To date, the Himalayan Stove Project has installed more than 3000 clean cook stoves, greatly altering the lives of those families int he process.

On Giving Tuesday, a group of very generous HSP supporters has vowed to match any donations given to the organization, effectively doubling the impact of those contributions. A $100 donation would typically buy a single stove, but tomorrow, that same amount will be doubled, allowing the team to purchase two stoves instead. This makes Giving Tuesday a critical day for the project, which is why it is the perfect day to donate to the cause.

If you would like to help out the Himalayan Stove Project, simply visit their online donations page. Every little bit helps, and on Giving Tuesday, those contributions are going twice as far.

Kraig Becker

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  1. During the holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday take over our attention when our efforts should be directed toward Giving Tuesday. Unfortunately, I had never heard of Giving Tuesday until I read this blog post but I think it's an awesome initiative to give back. Giving Tuesday should be just as well known as the other commercial shopping days because these dollars truly count. Organizations like the Himalayan Stove Project need our help and the word needs to get out. #GivingTuesday is a great start but what if there was something more to get people's attention. One fun idea could be a real-time photo stream of people affected by this project or create an info graphic at the end of the event to show the amazing impact you've had on these people's lives. Just an idea! What you're doing is great and I cannot wait to spread the word.

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