Gear Junkie Looks at the 110 Greatest Outdoor Ambassadors of All Time

The Gear Junkie, working in conjunction with Wigwam, have come up with a unique project to celebrate that company’s 110th anniversary. Over that period of time, we’ve seen a lot of amazing people do a lot of amazing things in the outdoors. So, to that end, Gear Junkie and Wigwam are compiling a list of the 110 Greatest Outdoor Ambassadors of All Time.

Regular readers of this blog will recognize more than a few names that have earned a spot in the line-up. Some of the men and women who are part of the list are outdoor athletes, while others are explorers, conservationists, gear designers, and so on.

Each has made an undeniable contribution to the world of outdoor adventure, and while not all of them are household names, they each are very deserving of this honor.

Some of the people who made the list include polar skier John Huston, inventor and adventurer Ray Jardine, polar explorer Eric Larsen, adventure racer Mike Kloser, and mountaineer Conrad Anker, just to name a few. Some of the outdoor luminaries that are part of the project are still active today, others are historical figures from the past who left their mark in some very unique ways.

These men and women are climbers, skiers, endurance athletes, filmmakers, and so much more. Over the years, they have inspired us, encouraged us, and most of all, they have certainly lived up to the title of “Outdoor Ambassador.”

One of the best elements of this list is that it isn’t quite complete yet. At the moment, it ends at number 73, who happens to be our friend Dave Cornthwaite of Expedition 1000 fame. The Gear Junkie and Wigwam are asking us to help fill in the rest of the list by suggesting more names to add.

In the coming weeks, they will continue to expand the number of men and women who earn the honor of being included in this hall of fame based on the suggestions that we provide. For instance, I’ve suggested Ueli Steck as a candidate, and think that he is very deserving of being one of these ambassadors as well.

Who do you think should make the cut? Have a look at the full list here, and then add your suggestions here.

Kraig Becker

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