Video: The North Face Cab Takes Passengers on Epic Adventures

Recently, The North Face took a specially built cab around New York City, picking up passengers and then inviting them to go on an epic adventure. Some of those passengers couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity, as they had to go to work, meet friends, or catch a flight.

But others were able to be spontaneous and to see where that very special cab would take them. The result was some amazing journeys to places that these people never intended to visit, with those lucky people rediscovering their sense of adventure along the way.

The video below is the result of this unique campaign. You can see for yourself not only what the North Face cab looks like, but where it took those bold enough to say agree to an adventure. It looks like they each had a fantastic time, and I love the thought behind this clip.

Would you have been able to say β€œyes?”

Kraig Becker