Adventure Tech: Light & Motion Introduces New GoPro Companion Light

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Light & Motion, a company known for making outstanding headlamps and bike lights, has introduced an interesting new product that I’m sure will be of interest to budding adventure filmmakers with GoPro cameras. Their new Sidekick light is designed to work as a companion to the ubiquitous action cams, providing a lightweight option for providing bright light, without adding much in the way of bulk.

The new product was introduced via a Kickstarter campaign that was launched within the past few days. L&M is looking to raise $50,000 from supporters to help get the Sidekick off the ground, and as of this writing they are already more than halfway to that goal, proving that there is already a great deal of interest in this product.

The Sidekick is designed to be a powerful light source that remains highly portable and very lightweight. The finished model will put off more than 600 lumens of light in a wide flood beam that is meant to provide plenty of illumination to help improve the image quality of the video footage captured by the GoPro camera. The light is also completely water proof, and can withstand pressures down to 200 feet (60 meters) below the surface. A second model – called the Sidekick Duo – will also provide a 400-lumen spot beam for navigation, while an accessory mount allows the light to be mounted on top of the camera specifically for capturing underwater images. Light & Motion promises a run time of up to 4 hours before the Sidekick will need a recharge as well, making it an efficient device too.

The Sidekick is expected to start shipping in March, with those supporting the Kickstarter campaign picking up the standard model for as low as $80, while the Duo light can be had for just $110. When the lights hit the market, they will probably run for considerably more than that, so this is a great way to get the Sidekick at a low price.

For  more details, check out the Sidekick Kickstarter page here.

Kraig Becker