Icebreaker Bust Myths, Shares Tips for Staying Warm in the Winter

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With an arctic blast bringing incredibly cold temperatures across North America and Europe, this week was a sharp reminder that winter is upon us. But the arrival of winter doesn’t mean you have to stay closed up inside until the return of warmer weather in the spring. On the contrary, with the proper gear, and a good layering system, outdoor activities can be just as enjoyable in the colder months, as they are the rest of the year.

With that in mind, our friends over at Icebreaker – a company that knows a thing or two about making quality gear for outdoor adventures – has shared 5 tips for staying warm this winter, while also busting some common myths about layering systems. Their advice could help you to enjoy the season more fully, and be more comfortable while doing so.

BUSTED: Layering Myths

MYTH- The majority of body heat is lost through the head and feet.
While hats and gloves are important components to staying warm, you don’t actually lose any more heat through the head or feet than other parts of the body. The key to maintaining heat is keeping your torso insulated. When the core is warm it readily releases blood to hands and feet, keeping them nice and toasty. However if your core is cold it stops sending blood to extremities to preserve for vital organs.

MYTH- You need several layers and a giant puffy coat to stay warm in severe weather conditions. 
Less is more! If you choose the right pieces you can stay super warm without all the bulk and discomfort of excessive layering. Icebreaker is designed as a head-to-toe layering system. Merino fibers wick moisture, therefore when layered on top of one another the fibers bind together to work as one complete piece, keeping you warm and cozy and while being light enough to provide for superior mobility. Our design team works hard to make sure your Icebreaker layering system is comfortable, chic, and functional.

MYTH- You need to be climbing Everest to wear a technical layering system. Sure, people do climb Everest while wearing our gear, but it’s also great for everyday adventures for ordinary people. Icebreaker is tough enough to wear in the most extreme weather conditions, but chic enough to wear in the city.   
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5 Tips for Staying Warm with Layers this Winter

1. Nature Knows Best- Choosing the Right Fiber
clip image002Merino wool is silky soft and luxurious. Its adapted technical properties naturally keep sheep insulated in some of the most extreme weather conditions. Our Merino is designed by nature, adapted by Icebreaker.

2. All About That Base- The Base Layer
Our base layer acts as a second skin, with its primary purpose to regulate body temperature by moving perspiration away from your skin. Merino wool wicks away moisture so efficiently that it will keep you warm even when wet.

3. Meet Us in the Middle- The Mid Layer
The mid layer is crucial because it retains heat. Merino wool contains millions of tiny air pockets, which trap body heat while also breathing to keep you warmer, drier, and more comfortable longer than synthetics and fleeces.

4. Protect Yourself- The Outer Layer
The outer layer is your final layer and crucial for protection from wind, rain, snow, and any elements nature throws your way. Our Next Generation Merino combines new technologies with merino wool, creating amazing outer layers that have all the benefits of traditional merino with elevated features including water resistance and windproof layers.

5. Finishing Touches- Socks and Accessories
Adding socks and accessories is the final component to maximizing your warmth this winter season. Icebreaker offers a wide array of socks, gloves, beanies, and neckwear to help you enjoy your cold weather adventures.

There you have it. Some great tips and advice on how to layer properly for the cold. With the right gear, you truly can go out and enjoy the winter, without overly bulky clothing. 

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  1. Seems like just another marketing gimmick. It's interesting how just about every tip involves the wearing of their products.

  2. Of course, they're going to promote their own products, but the advice can be applied to other layering systems as well. Other companies use Merino wool too, but Icebreaker products are definitely topnotch.

  3. A great example of another company producing excellent Merino wool layered clothing Kraig is a small family owned online company from South Australia called IO Merino and yes Ross I am sponsored by them but that's OK because I think they make an excellent product at a fair price and I am a parochial South Australian!

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