Kickstarter Campaign: MicroJib For GoPro Cameras

I get inundated with Kickstarter campaigns these days, and for the most part I can’t post all of the ones that are sent my way. But I wanted to share one particular campaign that is going on right now that might be of interest to many readers.

The MicroJib is an extension pole for a GoPro camera that allows budding filmmakers to capture shots of themselves and the landscapes they are traveling through. But unlike other GoPro extension poles, the MicroJib also allows them to pan and tilt the camera, opening up the possibilities for creative filmmaking even further. To better understand what it can do, take a look at the YouTube video posted below.

The Kickstarter campaign for the MicroJib has just two days left before it is done, and as of this writing it is closing in on its goal of raising $24,000 but it hasn’t quite achieved that just yet. The designers of the product are looking to use the cash to put the MicroJib into production and begin shipping later this year. As is typical with a Kickstarter project, backers can also receive the MicroJib at a great price depending on the level that they contribute at.

If this looks like a tool that you could use, then show some support for the team behind the project. It looks like they’ve put a lot of thought into the design, and are hoping to create a tool that will make adventure filmmaking even more approachable.

Kraig Becker