New Website Gives Travelers Ability to Make Travel Plans in Entirely New Way


If you’re making travel plans for 2015, you owe it to yourself to drop by, a new website designed to give travelers all the tools they need to find flights, and more efficiently plan their escapes for the months ahead. The website not only locates the best airfare deals possible, it even indicates the optimal days to travel to your destination, allowing flexible travelers to save more money if their schedule permits.

The site uses a clever interface that allows visitors to use natural language to search for the destinations that they want to visit, as well as indicating their date of travel, how long they’ll be gone, and which airline class they want to fly in. From there, Amadeus takes over, locating the best possible options for the time you want to fly, and suggesting alternate dates when pricing may be better.

But searching for the best flights is just the tip of the iceberg for what is capable of. After creating an account, you can plan out your itineraries, save them to your profile and share them publicly, or with friends and families. Built-in tags allow others to quickly and easily see what you have planned, and elect to add the same trip to their profiles as well. And if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, there are numerous trip plans created and shared by other Amadeus users as well.

The website is geographically aware, and upon visiting it immediately knew where I was at, and made all suggestions for flights based out of my home airport. Additionally, when I viewed the plans made by other users, it shifted the schedules accordingly for my location as well. When creating your profile, you can also designate your home location and preferred airport too.

The designers have also built a suite of very useful tools for travelers too. For instance, a world clock will tell you the time in any major city across the globe, while currency converters will give you an idea of exchange rates at your destination as well. You’ll also find handy airport guides, subway maps, international dialing codes, and even weather forecasts.

The hope is that Amadeus can become your one-stop shop for planning all of your travel needs. The site is still in beta however, so a lot of data is still being filled in. There are also plans to eventually add hotels in the future as well, making it possible to book your flights and accommodations all in one place.

The video below will give you an idea of how it all works, and the benefits of using the site. Then head on over and start plotting your next adventure today.

Kraig Becker