Video: Archival Footage From the 1970 Ascent of the Dawn Wall

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgesonโ€™s ascent of the Dawn Wall is by far the biggest climbing story in years, captivating audiences across the globe and garnering attention from the mainstream media. But the first ascent of that massive rock face took place back in 1970, when Warren Harding and Dean Caldwell climbed it for the first time. The video below features some amazing archival footage from that expedition, which was incredibly difficult in its own right.

How did the two climbs differ? Tommy and Kevin free climbed the Wall, which means they went up using just their own physical skills and considerable climbing talents. The ropes and other protection were in place to prevent them from falling, but didnโ€™t aid their ascent in any way. This is a much more difficult way to climb, and many thought it was simply impossible to go up the Dawn Wall in that fashion.

For a look back on the climbing scene from 45 years ago, check out this amazing clip. And big thanks to the Adventure Journal for sharing it with us.

Kraig Becker