Video: Running the Ultra-Trail Cape Town 100k Race

A few weeks back the inaugural Ultra-Trail Cape Town 100 km race took place in South Africa, drawing top endurance runners from across the planet. The event challenged those athletes to not only cover that daunting distance, but deal with more than 4400 meters (14,435 ft) of elevation gain along the way. The stunning South African landscapes made for a dramatic backdrop, to this grueling race, which looks to be a fantastic new event.

The video below is a ten-minute short film that gives viewers a glimpse of what the Ultra-Trail Cape Town is all about. It is a great piece of work that not only shows off the event, but also some of the fantastic adventure opportunities that South Africa has to offer. Registration for this year’s event opens on January 27.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Beautiful scenery, and a pleasure to listen to. And, great job n the run. Might have to put this on my list

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