Gear Closet: Rocky S2V Provision Pants

If you read my review of the Provision Jacket from Rocky S2V that I posted a few days back, you already know that I was highly impressed with its performance while on Kilimanjaro. That lightweight, but incredibly warm and protective shell, kept wind, rain, and snow away from my body while on the climb, and proved invaluable on Summit Day when I was most exposed to the elements.

But the jacket was only half the story, as I was also wearing a pair of Provision Pants, which provided the same level of protection for the bottom half of my body.

Just like the jacket that bears the same name, the Provision Pants are made from the same high performance fabrics that are designed to repel moisture, while remaining very comfortable to wear, even while working hard at altitude.

These pants incorporate the extremely thin and lightweight aerogel insulation, which completely shields the wearer against rain – and perhaps more importantly wind – without adding any kind of bulk or excess weight to the product. In fact, I was continually impressed with how thin and light these pants actually are, particularly when you consider the amount of protection from the elements that they provide.

Much like the Provision Jacket, these pants incorporate multiple zippered pockets, including a handy one on the thigh that is perfect for keeping important small items, such as a point and shoot camera, very close. The high quality zippers help to seal out excess moisture as well, but are also easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

Just like with Rocky S2V’s fantastic jacket, these pants incorporate the Recco Advanced Rescue Technology right into the design. A built-in Recco transmitter gives off an electronic signal that makes it easier for wilderness first responders to locate you should you go missing in the backcountry. This is a handy piece of mind to have on your side for those “just in case” moments, and it is just another example of all of the great little touches that have been included with these pants as well.

IMG 0446

The knees and seat of the Provision Pants also include reinforced fabrics and insulations to help keep you more comfortable when you sit or kneel on wet or cold ground. Two-way zippers run the length of each leg, giving you the option to vent excess heat as needed as well. These options go a long way towards keeping you comfortable on the trail, no matter what weather conditions Mother Nature throws your way.

Rocky has built these pants with internal waist adjustments so that in theory you wouldn’t have to wear them with a belt. I found that the medium sized pants that I wore were still a bit too big however, so I was definitely glad I had a belt along to help keep them in place. It seems sizing runs a bit on the larger size, so keep that in mind when ordering a pair of these pants. I’m typically a medium in shell pants, but the Provisions were practically falling off of me prior to putting on a belt.

Other than that very small observation however, I found the pants to not only fit fine, but also move fluidly no matter what I was doing. The last thing you want when climbing a mountain like Kilimanjaro is for your clothing to restrict your movements, but that wasn’t the case at all.

In fact, I wore these pants all the way up to the summit, and was very glad I did. The amount of protection that they provided from the wind alone was enough to convince me of just how good they were, and the fact that I was able to climb all day in cold conditions, wearing just these pants and a thin thermal layer underneath, is a testament to how warm they are as well.

Tough and durable, the Provision Pant feels like it is the type of product that will accompany you on many adventures without showing any signs of abrasion or wear and tear. In fact, my pants, which were worn several days on Kilimanjaro, still look absolutely brand new, which is a testament to the quality of the fabrics used in their construction. Built for the harshest of weather conditions, these pants will certainly come in handy on many future trips as well.

Rocky S2V sells the Provision Pant for just $119.99, which I found to be quite a bargain considering the level of performance that they deliver. This is a high quality product that will keep you warm and dry in the worst of conditions, and allow you to continue your active outdoor pursuits even when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

I can’t tell you how incredibly impressed I am with products from Rocky S2V. I know that they certainly made it easier for me to climb to the summit of the highest mountain in Africa, and I can’t imagine how much more challenging my Kili climb would have been without them.