Video: Mountain Biking Cape Town, South Africa

As if you needed further proof that Cape Town, South Africa is an adventure destination of epic proportions, this video gives us another brief glimpse of some of the outdoor activities that are available near the city. It was put together by the team at Bike Life, who specialize in highlighting the great mountain biking opportunities that can be had in South Africa, and it provides viewers with a tantalizing look at some of the amazing trails that are available near Cape Town.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Video: Mountain Biking Cape Town, South Africa”

  1. Great video.South Africa has some amazing mountain biking terrain. Some are actually within vineyards, MTB & Wine, now that works for me!

  2. Just goes to show what beautiful country we live in. It's heaven if you love mountain biking…Welldone BikeLife team

  3. There's guys that love mountain biking and there's guys that live it. Bikelife guys are the latter. Those trails give you an adrenalin rush and the bird's eye view's breathtaking. Welldone Bikelife

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