Video: Touring Iceland Along the Ring Road

Ever wonder what it would be like to explore Iceland via its famed Ring Road? This route runs along the entire coast of the country, giving visitors an opportunity to visit some of the more scenic and remote areas that Iceland has to offer. The video below – shot by filmmaker/adventure trailer Connor Callaghan, takes us on a 12-day journey through the country. Things get off to a rocky start when Connor and his girlfriend first struggle with driving a manual transmission and then later start their cook stove on fire, but soon they fall into a natural rhythm and Iceland’s enchantments take over. At just about 30 minutes in length, this is a bit of a long video to watch, but it is also a fun travelogue from what looks like a fantastic trip. It is filled with numerous personal moments, wonderful scenery, and great opportunities for adventure. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as it seems Connor enjoyed making it.

Kraig Becker