The North Face is Giving Money Away!

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While we all know that The North Face is a great outdoor gear company, it also has some highly successful charitable ventures that it funds throughout the year as well. Two of those project are underway right now, and the company is giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result.

The first of these ventures is the Explore Fund, a program that provides funding for nonprofit organizations that encourage people to get outside and interact with nature in a meaningful way. While the program is open to any outdoor-related nonprofit, it puts a particular emphasis on those that   are focused on motivating young people to get outside and pursue their own adventures. 
To be eligible for an Explore Fund grant, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) or in a formal relationship with such a qualified fiscal sponsor. Applications are being taken through April 17, with more than $500,000 available to help launch major initiatives. To start the application process, click here.

The other program that is currently accepting applications is the Hot Planet/Cool Athletes initiative, which is being conducted in association with the Protect Our Winters organization. The mission of Hot Planet/Cool Athletes is to educate future generations about the threats we face from global warming and climate change. With that in mind, middle schools and high schools are invited to submit a plan to receive a Powder Grant that would help fund projects that address environmental action in their schools or communities. The grants are valued at up to $10,000. Schools can also request an assembly given by a pro outdoor athlete, or a DVD that can be shown multiple times. For more info, visit

While both of these initiatives are quite different from one another, they demonstrate The North Face’s commitment to protecting the environment and encouraging future generations to get outside and enjoy our planet to its fullest. While I respect the company for the often excellent gear that they produce, these kinds of programs give me an even greater sense of satisfaction about what they do.

Protect Our Winters Hot Planet/Cool Athletes Promo from protect our winters on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker