Dean Potter Remembered

The loss of climbing and BASE jumping legend Dean Potter has obviously hit the outdoor and adventure community very hard. His death in Yosemite over the weekend while BASE jumping with Graham Hunt has left many stunned and in mourning. As the news spread across the Internet there has been an impressive number of tributes, profiles, and articles written about Dean, who was at times a controversial figure both in life and death. Here is a round-up of some of the stories.

As you’ll see as you read through these articles there are some very common threads. First, Dean was widely admired and respected for his climbing abilities and adventurous spirit. But beyond that, he was also much loved because he was a genuinely good human being. Yes, from time to time he did some things that caused a stir both in and out of the climbing community, but his good natured enthusiasm, and boyish love of life, made him a hard man not to like. That is why there has been such an amazing response online to his death, and why he will be missed greatly.

Once again, my condolences to Dean and Graham’s friends and family on this loss.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Dean Potter Remembered”

  1. I ran across another article on Dean Potter's death today. It was written by a friend of his. Good read and it has details I hadn't heard before, although some may have been mentioned in the articles you linked to.

    Here is the article:

    The writer mentions that Dean and Graham had both already successfully done the jump before.

    Graham hit the wall, Dean successfully cleared the notch but crashed afterwards. I have to wonder if the shock and trauma of witnessing what happened to Graham played a role in Dean crashing after he had cleared the notch.

  2. Thanks for sharing Carl. It really is puzzling to think about what might have happened. It will likely remain a mystery, but it is good to get perspective from those that new Dean and Graham.

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