Trek the Himalaya and Help Rebuild Nepal this Fall

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Are you looking for a way that you can help contribute to the efforts to rebuild Nepal, while also getting the opportunity to explore the natural wonders that the country has to offer? Than you’ll want to check out a new trek that is being organized for this fall that will give travelers an opportunity to hike in the Himalaya and help rebuild some of the shattered villages there.

Online gear sales site The Clymb has teamed up with adventure travel company Ace the Himalaya to organize a unique trip to Nepal that is scheduled to take place this September. The 13-day journey will take participants deep into the mountains on an amazing trek through a remote region of Nepal, where they’ll first spend a few days helping to rebuild the village of Gorkha, one of the most hard hit towns in the earthquake. After four days of building houses and helping to construct other facilities, the group will than drive to Pokhara to begin the trek which will go as high as 3210 meters (10,532 ft) on Poon Hill.

This is a “voluntourism” effort, and as such, all proceeds will go to the Sambhav Nepal organization, an NGO that is dedicated to rebuilding the country. That means travelers on this trip will not only be helping to rebuild the country directly, the money paid will continue to aid in reconstruction long after they’ve gone back home.

The trekking tour costs $1199 with the first departure set for September of this year, and others to follow later in the fall, and into 2016. For more information, and to join the trek, click here.

This is of course a great way to contribute to the rebuilding effort in Nepal. We’ll know doubt see similar trips offered from other organizations in the near future as well, but this is the first that I’ve come across so far. I wanted to give a tip of the hat to The Clymb and Ace the Himalaya for organizing this tour so quickly.

With the monsoon season coming rapidly, some of the work to rebuild will be stymied by the weather I’m sure. But there is much to be done, and time is of the essence. All efforts are most certainly appreciated.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Trek the Himalaya and Help Rebuild Nepal this Fall”

  1. No offense, but I was in the town of Gorkha a couple of weeks ago. It is not the hardest hit in the area. It doesn't need your help building houses. It needs money and it needs the local people to be able to do the work themselves. We were sent to Gankhu, a village about two hours from Gorkha and we were told to rebuild the health outpost. Yeah, that didn't happen. The villagers told us what they needed and we provided the funds and some of the labor. About 20 guys from the village did the construction and design. If you want to do good in Nepal, donate money to local organizations that are helping locals. Karma Flights is one I know is doing amazing work and getting to areas no one has gotten to yet. Also, just go trekking. You don't need to go and make this about you doing good. Locals need money to buy supplies to rebuild. They don't need Westerners telling them how to do it.

  2. You need to go in more remote region/vilages of Gorkha to see the damaged. I know the main town headquarter in Gorkha is not damaged but once you drive four hours you will see all the damaged houses and school. I am native from Gorkha…

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