Video: A Journey Through Nepal

Earlier today I made a post about the lack of a climbing season on Everest once again this year, and the challenges that Nepal faces on its road to recovery. In that post I remarked about how it is difficult to not fall in love with the Himalayan country, whose natural beauty and welcoming people are just so inspiring. This video will give you a first hand look at those aspects of Nepal. It is an hour-long documentary that takes you through the streets of Kathmandu, into the Chitwan National Park, and on the entire trek to Everest Base Camp. If you’ve never been to Nepal, this film will inspire you to want to go. If you’ve already been there, it will be a reminder of that beautiful place, and some of the things that were lost as a result of the earthquake. Either way, this is a video that you should get comfortable for, as it is a wonderful journey through Nepal without ever leaving your home.

Kraig Becker