Gear Closet: Canada Goose Trenton Jacket

2752M 61 Black

Cold weather gear is essential for anyone who enjoys being outdoors all year round. Being able to stay warm during the winter, or when visiting cold weather destinations, brings a sense of freedom that can be exhilarating, and provides an opportunity to pursue our passions, even when conditions aren’t exactly at their best. 

That is exactly what the Trenton Jacket from Canada Goose was designed for. This is a soft-shell that was made for adventure, and designed to keep you warm and dry when the weather is at its worst. If you frequently play outside in cold conditions, than this will be an article of clothing you’ll want to add to your own gear closet. 
If you’re not already familiar with Canada Goose, they are a company that has been making high quality outdoor clothing – mainly jackets and parkas – for nearly 60 years. Their gear has been worn on expeditions to the North and South Pole, climbs up Everest and other major mountains, and in extreme winter conditions across Alaska, Canada, and many other parts of the world. Over the years, Canada Goose has built itself a reputation for creating innovative gear that performs well in the coldest environments, and that is a legacy that is richly deserved. 
The Trenton Jacket displays much of that heritage in a decidedly high-tech, modern manner. It features water resistant fabrics that remain breathable, something that is vital for maintaining temperature control in challenging environments. The jacket is made of two-way stretch materials that are form-fitting without hindering motion in any way, and its athletic cut is meant to provide warmth without restrictions of movement. Four zippered pockets – two hand, two on the chest – help to keep small items close when needed, and a protective hood, complete with two adjustment points, prevents wind, rain, and snow from ruining your day out. 
This is a jacket that has a lot of nice touches, some of which are not always noticeably at first glance. For instance, the adjustable Lycra cuffs include thumb holes for covering the wrists and lower part of the hand. It also has twin zippers to provide access to the interior of the jacket, while still maintaining a maximum level of warmth. An interior media pocket, complete with headphone loops, will keep your smartphone or other valuable electronics safe and warm as well. Meanwhile, the exterior of the Trenton has several reflective tape highlights that help to enhance the visibility of the wearer in low-light, or poor visibility, conditions. 
Made from fabrics that are meant to be warm, breathable, and durable, this is a jacket that is made for outdoor adventures. Lined with high loft fleece, it is incredibly comfortable to wear, while bringing a good blend of performance and weight for what ever outdoor activities you enjoy. In my opinion, this is about as good as a lightweight, cold-weather, waterproof shell gets, particularly when used on days when you’re going to be especially active such as when climbing, snowshoeing, and so on. 
Canada Goose rates this jacket for use in temperatures down to about -5ºC/23ºF, although in my opinion it is warm enough for even colder conditions. I happen to run a bit warm in temperature most of the time however, so your mileage will probably vary. Also, paring this jacket with good base layers will extend its usefulness in colder conditions too. 
This is a serious jacket meant for use in extreme environments, and as such it carries a serious price tag. The Canada Goose Trenton soft shell has an MSRP of $525, although it can be found online at discounted prices. Obviously that price will turn a lot of people off, but if you require a high level of performance out of your gear, particularly in cold weather conditions, than you’ll also understand the importance of getting the very best clothing possible. This isn’t a jacket that is meant for running errands around town – although it would serve well in that capacity. It is meant for outdoor exploration and adventure, and as a result it delivers performance that matches those expectations. 
Canada Goose has made an amazing product with this jacket, and while it certainly isn’t meant for everyone, those who need this type of soft shell will most definitely appreciate what it brings to the table.
Kraig Becker