Video: NBC News Discovers Wingsuit Flying

It is always interesting when the mainstream media discovers an outdoor or extreme sport, and gives it some exposure. Last night, NBC News did just that with its brief exposé on wingsuit flying, which you’ll find below.

While this video, which features the GoPro Bomb Squad, was part of the nightly news, it was also part of a documentary that aired on CNBC last night entitled “The New High: Extreme Sport,” which took a look at a number of the activities that many of us follow or participate in. The one-hour special not only examined wingsuit flying and BASE jumping, but also obstacle course racing, kiteboarding, and other “extreme” activities.

The show is likely to air again over the weekend, so if you get a chance, give it a look. I haven’t seen it myself, and I’m curious as to how it came out. In the meantime, you can get some solid ariel footage from the clip below.

Kraig Becker