Video: New Footage of Amelia Earhart Emerges

Rare film footage of Amelia Earhart has been revealed after being kept secret for decades by the man who shot it. The film was made back in 1937, not long before Earhart began her attempt to fly around the world, which would eventually end with her disappearance somewhere over the South Pacific Ocean. The aviator met with photographer Al Bresnik and his brother John at a small airport in Burbank, California when she was preparing for her historic flight. Al was to do a photoshoot of the pilot, while John tagged along and captured the encounter on film. The 16mm footage then sat on a shelf for 50 years until it was discovered by John’s son following his death in 1992. The son, also named John, put the film in his desk and didn’t get around to looking at it for another 20 years. Now, it is being revealed to the public for the first time. You can see this small slice of history for yourself in the AP News clip below. Amazing.

Kraig Becker