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Who amongst us doesn’t love getting new gear? There is nothing quite so satisfying for an outdoor enthusiast than getting new equipment for use on our adventures. But what if you could have that new gear delivered directly to your door on a regular basis without ever having to go to the store? Better yet, what if the contents of that box was tailored for a specific season, with gear that is meant to be used at the time of year that it is delivered.

That is the premise behind a new service called BivySak that not only curates outdoor products for members, but delivers high quality goods to their door four times a year. The company works directly with top gear manufacturers – including the likes of Patagonia, Salomon, and GSI – to collect some awesome products that we’d all like to have in our gear closets. Things like jackets, water bottles, camp cooking utensils, and so on. Those products are matched up based on seasonal activities, and shipped to BivySak members in time for use during the season ahead.

As an example of what the contents of a certain box might contain, I recently received a sample of the BivySak shipment for the fall. Inside my box I found an excellent soft-shell jacket from Salomon, as well as a beanie for cool weather activities. There was also a FairShare mug from GSI, some a spork, and a nice assortment of energy bars from Honey Stinger. All told, a pretty good haul for someone who likes to be outside, even when temperatures start to drop.

A BivySak membership costs $24.99 per month, which means each of your individual boxes will set you back approximately $75. But the company guarantees that the contents of that box will be worth more than your membership fee each time you receive a new package. Looking at the sample that I was sent, I would say that the jacket alone was worth more than $75, with the extra contents just being icing on the cake.

BivySak is working off a popular business model on the Internet these days, with other companies sending monthly boxed subscriptions of clothing, collectibles, and other items as well. Those companies include the likes of Mancrate and Birchbox, both of which offer a similar service but not focused on outdoor gear. That’s what helps separate Bivy from the crowd, as they are actually selecting items that are more likely to be of interest to us. The sample box that I received contained items that I will certainly use moving forward, which is not something I can say about the other services of this type that I looked at.

On top of offering monthly memberships, you can also give BivySak as a gift as well. I know we’re a long way off from the holiday season at this point, but this is definitely something that you should keep in mind for the outdoor love in your life. It is high quality gear delivered to their door once per quarter, truly making it the gift that keeps on giving.

To find out more, check out The site has several reviews of the product, information on their gear partners, a list of contents from previous boxes, and a countdown clock for when their next box ships. All in all, I’m impressed with what the BivySak team has put together here, and it is a fun service that I’m sure many will appreciate.

Kraig Becker

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  1. is also another site that does the same thing….and I love my Cairn Box each month.

  2. Oh, and the Cairn box is monthly…same price. So I don't have to wait and I get at least one item in each box valued at $25.

  3. Warning. I just recieved my first box. It contained about $37 worth of goods for which I was charged $75. The main item in the box did not match the description on the enclosed card. The card described a decent quality set of binoculars worth about $50 retail. Instead I recited a cheap pair that retail for about $12. The box definitely did not come close to the reviews I read before subscribing.

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