Swiss Mountain Runner Bags Five Peaks in Record Time


Swiss mountain runner Andreas Steindl has set an impressive new record in the Alps. A few days back, the 26-year old endurance athlete and mountaineer managed to bag the summit of five different 4000 meter (13,123 ft) peaks on his way from Zermatt to Saas-Fee in a stunning time of just 7 hours and 45 minutes.

Steindl’s quest began in the church square in Zermatt and ended the church square in Saas-Fee. In-between he ran a route that crossed the summits of Alphubel (4206 m/13,799 ft), Täschhorn (4491m/14,734 ft), Dom (4545 m/14,911 ft), Lenzspitze (4294 m/14,087 ft), and Nadelhorn (4327m/14,196 ft). His sub-8 hour time ended up being 77 minutes faster than his previous record along this route.

The video below captures the run and gives you an idea of what Andreas was up against. This was no easy run in the mountains by any means, requiring speed, strength, and sure footing to achieve his goal. Watching these mountain runners go about their business never gets old, as they are indeed some of the best athletes in the world today.

Kraig Becker

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