Explore Yosemite National Park with Google Street View

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Google continues to expand its Street View program, taking us back into Yosemite National Park to capture even more of that beautiful place. The Street View team returned to Yosemite recently to collect more images, this time stitching together a 360º view of some of the parks famous landmarks and trails.

Amongst the highlights of the new Street View collection are views from the El Capitan Meadow and the base of that iconic mountain. You’ll also be able to get a full view of the Cook’s Meadow Loop, the Upper Yosemite Falls Trail, Four Mile Trail, and Bridelveil Trail, amongst others. There are even some sections of the spectacular John Muir Trail as well.

This isn’t the first time that Google Street View has been in Yosemite. Earlier in the summer the team captured impressive images on El Capitan itself, following climbers Lynn Hill, Tommy Caldwell, and Alex Honnold as they went up some of the climbing routes on the giant rock face. Nor is Yosemite the only national park Google has visited either. In fact, there is a whole section of the Street View website dedicated just to U.S. parks, trails, and beaches.

Outside magazine says that the latest images from Yosemite were captured in conjunction with the team from Sender Films, who donned the Google Trekker to walk through the park. That high-tech backpack is able to shoot photos in all directions every 2.5 seconds. Those images are than stitched together using special software that creates the illusion of being able to look in any direction.

Better yet, Outside says that the Street View team hopes to continue mapping various part of the national parks as the U.S. park service prepares to celebrate its centennial year in 2016.

Kraig Becker