Forbes Interviews Blind Adventurer Erik Weihenmayer

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It is always a good thing when someone from the world of outdoor adventure gets a bit of mainstream press. It is even better when that someone is as inspiring at Erik Weihenmayer, the blind adventurer who has competed in endurance racing events, gone mountain biking, paddled the length of the Grand Canyon, and reached the summit of Mt. Everest. To say that Erik is a great source of motivation and inspiration would be an understatement.

Recently, Forbes magazine sat down with the mountaineer to talk shop, and they discussed everything from his previous life as a middle school teacher and wrestling coach, to how he prepares mentally and physically for his adventures. Erik also touches on the technologies that have helped him to achieve his goals, how he “sees” the world around him, and how he mitigates risk in the backcountry.

Weihenmayer also talks about his next adventure, which will take him climbing again with his No Barriers organization. The foundation works with injured U.S. servicemen, and helps them to regain confidence and strength by organizing an expedition to the mountains. The team will train in Colorado throughout the summer of 2016, before heading to Gannet Peak (13,809 ft/4208 m) in Wyoming.

If you’d like to know more about Erik, check out his personal website and be sure to read his book, Touch the Top of the World, which chronicles his attempt to become the first blind person to summit Everest. I’m sure you’ll find both very inspirational.

Kraig Becker