GoPro Wants to Pay You for Your Video

GoPro Hero4 Black 5

Between the GoPro action cameras and the proliferation of drones, adventure filmmaking has exploded over the past few years. It has gotten to the point that we now have affordable tools at our disposal that will allow us to make some exceptional films that simply weren’t possible a few years ago. Now, GoPro is even willing to pay you for those efforts through a new program called GoPro Awards.

The company is asking the public to submit their best photos, edited videos, and raw footage shot with a GoPro camera. They’ll then review each submission, and award cash and other promotional materials based on their favorites in each category. Those categories include action, adventure, sports, animals, travel, and more. GoPro isn’t being stingy with the cash they’re paying out either. The action cam company says that it will give out $5 million a year for the best videos, which it will of course share on its media channels.

This is a good opportunity not only for budding filmmakers, but for GoPro as well. It gives us a chance to get our videos showcased in front of a large audience, and make some cash off of it in the process, while simultaneously giving GoPro a showcase for what their cameras can do. It is a steady stream of content for them as well, although it is debatable whether or not the person submitting the video could actually make more money on YouTube. Still, the possibilities are definitely intriguing.

Find out more about the program on the GoPro Awards webpage, where there are already some videos being shared. Then grab your camera and head outside to record your latest adventure. Who know, it just might make you some quick cash.

Kraig Becker