Video: Free Solo Climbing in British Columbia with Will Stanhope

Want to know what it is like to climb a big wall without the use of ropes? Pro climber Will Stanhope conveys that feeling extremely well in this video, while we get shots of him plying his trade in the amazing settings of British Columbia, Canada. In this case, he’s taking on The Chief, a 1000-foot (300 meter) rock wall that offers some of the most challenging climbing imaginable. For Will, this isn’t about pushing yourself to the limit, but it is instead about having the chance to climb more freely, and interact directly with the rock. Obviously, this type of climbing isn’t for everyone, but it is amazing to watch for sure.

Free Solo Rock Climbing – Will Stanhope in Squamish, BC, Canada from Blaise Sack on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker