Video: Trailer for Mountaineering Film Citadel Mountain

Earlier this year, British climbers Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey traveled to Alaska to attempt the first ascent of a peak called The Citadel. This 1988 meter (6522 ft) mountain isn’t large by Himalayan – or even Alaskan – standards, but it is in a very remote location where weather conditions are completely unpredictable and the climbing is highly technical.  Acclaimed filmmaker Alastair Lee went along with them to make a film about the expedition, which will be released on December 1. We’ll have to wait until the full version is screened to know if they succeeded in their attempt, but judging from the trailer below it looks like it was one hell of a climb. The film looks absolutely stunning, and is reportedly the first mountaineer movie to be shot completely in 4K. After watching this clip, I definitely can’t wait to see the final product.

Citadel Mountain Film Trailer from Posing Productions on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker