Outside Has Your Bucket List for 2016

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We still have about six weeks to go until the calendar turns to 2016, but already many of us are looking ahead to next year to start plotting our outdoor adventures. If you’re starting to think about what you’d like to accomplish in the new year, than you’ll want to take a look at this article from Outside magazine, which is filled with suggestions on what to include on your bucket list.

The story includes 46 different suggestions for adventurous pursuits that would make just about anyone envious. If strung together, these suggestions add up to 365 days of adventure, giving us a full year of amazing experiences. Of course, very few of us could actually manage to do all of these things in a single year, but the article will definitely plant the seeds of things to do in the future.

Some of the suggestions include driving a car as fast as you can on the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. There is even a link to the registration form that will allow you to do just that. Outside also recommends taking a paddling trip in Maine, Utah, or Oregon, as well as going bobsledding in Lake Placid, New York. Other options include catching the Northern Lights in Iceland, facing your greatest fear, no matter what it might be, and taking a solo camping trip to just about anywhere.

Whether you’re a climber, hiker, skier, mountain biker, or all of the above, you’ll find something of interest on the list. In fact, one of the things that makes this “bucket list” so much fun is the diversity of activities that includes. There are options for visiting the Grand Canyon, meditating at a wilderness escape, and opportunities to experience wildlife like never before. In short, there is a whole lot of adventure options packed into this one article.

One of the best things about reading an article like this for me is that it opens my eyes up for new opportunities. Sure, I’ve been fortunate enough to do some of the things already on the list, but there are plenty of amazing experiences to be had, many of which I didn’t even know existed. So as I start to turn my attention to 2016, and think about the things I want to do and the places I want to go next year, I always appreciate a few suggestions. You’ll find plenty of that and more on Outside’s list. Check it out for yourself here.

Kraig Becker