The Adventure Blog 2015 Holiday Shopper’s Guide (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted the first part of my 2015 Holiday Shopper’s Guide with ten suggestions of gifts aimed at the adventure traveler and outdoor enthusiast in your life. Today I have even more gear ideas that the explorer or adventurer in your life will sure love.

Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL2 mtnGLO Tent ($350)
With its integrated LED lights, the Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL2 mtnGLO tent isn’t just a great camping shelter, it is a fun place to sleep in the backcountry. This two-person, three-season model is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to assemble. It comes equipped with a rainfly, two doors and two vestibules, integrated media pockets, and more. And at the end of the day, those built-in LED’s give create an ambient light that makes this tent even more cozy and comfortable inside.

Osprey Atmos AG 50 Backpack ($230)
Rated amongst the best backpacks currently on the market, the Atmos AG 50 from Osprey is comfortable to wear, offers plenty of capacity, and is durable enough to withstand all the punishment you can throw at it. On top of that, it comes equipped with Osprey’s amazing anti-gravity suspension, which makes wearing this pack a joy, even when it is fully loaded. Great for camping, backpacking, or adventure travel, this is a backpack you can take with you just about anywhere, and know that it is going to serve you well.

Base Camp Power Solutions from EnerPlex ($350 – $1400)
For those who need plenty of power while on the go, EnerPlex has the solution. They offer a pair of lightweight generators that can be recharged by solar panel, and are a source of electricity even in remote locations. The Generatr 100 is small enough to be slipped into a backpack and carried anywhere, providing a charge for your smartphone, tablet, camera equipment, or even laptop. The larger Generatr 1200 is built for use in base camp, and is even capable of powering a television set or a small refrigerator. Best of all, this model is less than half the weight of competing products, which makes it far easier to use on extended expeditions.

GoPro Hero 4 Session ($300)
Acton cameras continue to be all the rage as more budding filmmakers capture their outdoor exploits. GoPro remains the leader of the pack, even though other camera manufacturers are closing ground. The new Hero 4 Session is a great choice because it is the smallest, lightest, and simplest camera that GoPro has ever produced. It shoots professional quality video, is compatible with the majority of GoPro accessories already on the market, and it is durable and waterproof out of the box. If you have a future action film director on your shopping list, they’ll be thrilled to unwrap this camera.

Berghaus VaporLight Hydroloft Reversible Hoody ($220)

When it comes to innovative design, it is tough to top the VaporLight Hydroloft Reversible Hoody from Berghaus. This jacket takes the “reversible” angle to the next level, and not just for cosmetic value. With one side of the jacket facing out, it is a windproof layer that can keep the wearer warm while out on the trail. Turn it inside out, and the hoody becomes more breathable to help vent out excess heat. As if that wasn’t enough, the jacket weighs less than 8 ounces, making it the perfect companion for trail running, winter hiking, climbing, and even mountain biking.

SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Messenger ($149, Free for a Limited Time)
The SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Messenger has been around for awhile, but it is still a great way for adventurers to stay safe while in the backcountry or traveling in a remote parts of the world. The device allows friends and family to track their whereabouts at any time, and it can send pre-canned messages to let everyone back know that they are okay. And if an emergency situation should arise, the SPOT messenger lets the user to call for help, even if they are way off the grid. And for a limited time, you can get the SPOT hardware absolutely free with the purchase of a qualifying service plan.

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight & Watertight .9 ($36)
Want to show your favorite outdoor enthusiast that you really care? Than buy them the excellent Ultralight & Watertight .9 first aid kit from Adventure Medical Kits. This compact and lightweight pack contains everything you need to take with you on a backpacking trip or while traveling abroad to treat common injuries and ailments. Inside the waterproof bag you’ll find everything from band-aids and syringes, to medicines to kill the pain and silence an upset stomach. There are wraps and bandages, as well as moleskin for blisters, plus a few tools that could come in handy too. This is the kind of gift that really shows its true value over time.

Cannondale Habit Carbon 3 Mountain Bike ($3730)
Really want to spoil the mountain biker on your holiday list? Why not buy them a new bike? The Cannondale Habit Carbon 3 is an all-mountain ride designed for nimble performance on the trail, fast climbs, and even faster descents. This is a bike that begs to be ridden in all kinds of terrain, and with its dialed trail geometry, lightweight frame, and high performance components, it is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp ($30)
A good headlamp is always a handy device to have with you while traveling or even at home, and the Princeton Tec Sync is one of the best available right now, especially at such a great price. Tipping the scales at a mere 3 ounces, it is comfortable to wear and easy to operate. It can crank out up to 90 lumens of light, and offer a burn time of over 200 hours on its 3AAA batteries. On top of that, it features both a spot and flood beam, as well as red light LED. The wearer can dial in exactly the brightness and settings they need with the twist of dial, making this one of the most convenient headlamps to have on you in the backcountry.

Phiaton BT 330 NC Bluetooth Headphones ($179)
Anyone who travels regularly can tell you the value of having a good pair of headphones. They come in handy on long flights and they are great way to stay entertained while on the road. The new BT 330 NC headphones from Phiaton have two great qualities that frequent fliers will definitely love. First, they use Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music from a smartphone or tablet, and they come equipped with noise canceling technology to keep out background noise too. Music and podcasts sound crisp, clear, and vibrant, and these headphones are comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.

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