Video: Matterhorn Obsession with Herve Barmasse

Earlier this year the Matterhorn celebrated the 150th anniversary of its first ascent. This video was made to honor that occasion, and it features climber Hervé Barmasse sharing his thoughts on a peak that has been so integral to his life. For Hervé, the Matterhorn is not just one of the most iconic peaks in all of Europe, it is his home mountain. One that he has known since he was a teenager, and one that remains important to him, even as he has scaled much bigger peaks in other parts of the world. Hervé has put up more first ascents on the mountain than any other climber, and in this video he shares his relationship with the Matterhorn, while giving us incredible insights into a peak that has been important to the mountaineering world for nearly two centuries. Powerful stuff.

Kraig Becker