Video: The New River Gorge in Timelapse

West Virginia’s New River is considered to be one of the oldest river systems in the world, stretching back more than 300 million years. In this video, we travel to that place to explore it for ourselves, with timelapse imagery bringing us some amazing views of a place that remains on the wild side, even in the 21st century. The New River Gorge is even home to one of the largest bridges in North America, which features prominently in the film.

MELANCHOLY GORGE from Harun Mehmedinovic on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: The New River Gorge in Timelapse”

  1. Well now, why time lapse? It is irritating actually, and real time recording of flowing water or a boat moving would be so much more pleasant to watch. Time laps is only useful if one wants to show some changes that actually are functionally or artistically to be documented – and that hardly includes a few clouds moving.

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