Want to Win a Karma Drone From GoPro?

We all know that GoPro is working on a drone. It’s called Karma, and its coming in 2016. We don’t know how it will differ from the other drones that are already available on the market, but you can bet it will offer great support for using GoPro’s action cameras. Now, you can sign up for your chance to win one of the first Karma drones that roll off the assembly line, as the company is giving away 100 of them to get the hype train rolling.

To enter to win simply go to this page, and enter your email address. The promotion runs through March 31, 2016, with the winners selected on April 15 of next year. Hopefully that indicates that the new drone will be released sometime in the spring, but GoPro has hedged their bets on a release date by saying that contest winners will be notified by Dec. 31, 2016. Chances are the Karma will be available before then, but exactly when it will arrive – and how much it will cost – remains a mystery.

Check out the promo video for Karma below, which was of course shot on a prototype model. The quality of the footage certainly looks promising.

Kraig Becker