Gear Closet: Enevu CUBE Utility and Mood Lights

enevu 4

One of the most interesting and fun trends in outdoor gear over the past year or so is the increasing number of lighting options that are coming our way from a variety of companies. Sure, we’ve all worn headlamps forever, but now a number of gear manufacturers are working on innovative and fun ways to light up our campsite. One such product is the new CUBE utility light from Enevu, which brings some unique features that will come in handy both outdoors and around the house.

As the name implies, the CUBE is a perfectly square light measuring 2″ (5 cm) on a side). It also weighs just 3.42 oz. (97 grams), which makes it highly packable and easy to carry with you just about anywhere. And since it has an IPX4 splashproof rating, it can survive a bit of rain, although I wouldn’t want to submerge it completely in water.

On its highest setting, the CUBE is capable of putting out 100 lumens of light, which is plenty bright for just about any dark setting. In fact, I actually found that I preferred using the light on its medium or even low settings, as it not only prolonged its battery life – which is over 100 hours on its most efficient level – but also provides a softer light for enjoying your time around the campsite.

In addition to its three different brightness settings, the CUBE also has the ability to change colors. When put into multicolor mode it will slowly cycle through the entire range of the rainbow, and then some. This makes for great mood lighting, particularly when you’re enjoying some time outdoors with friends. And if you come across a color that you prefer, a simple click of the button locks the CUBE into that color only for as long as you’d like.

As a safety measure, the CUBE also has a beacon mode, which can be activated in an emergency. When placed in that setting, the light will flash every three seconds for up to 48 hours, indicating that someone is in need of assistance. Hopefully that is one mode that you’ll never need to use, but it is nice to have it just in case.

The CUBE ships with 3 AAA batteries to power it, and even comes with a hook to hang it in your tent or from a tree branch. It has been drop tested from 1 meter too, which means that it has been built to take a beating and continue to function.

My wife and I have been using the CUBE light for sometime now, both indoors and out. We not only really enjoy it for use around a campsite, but also in our backyard or just in the living room when we want some mood lighting while enjoying a glass of wine. The color changing mode has been especially popular around my house.

This little light is handy and versatile. It’s great for travel, camping, backpacking, or as a useful source of illumination around the home too. And with a price tag of just $29.90, it is highly affordable too.

If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive, and easy to use lighting system for your next camp outing, the CUBE is a great option. And like me, you’ll probably find you’ll have plenty of uses for it elsewhere too.

Kraig Becker