Video: High Spirits in Nepal – Climbing Lunag Ri with David Lama and Conrad Anker

This past November, David Lama and Conrad Anker – two of the top mountaineers in the world – traveled to Nepal to attempt the first ascent of Lunag Ri, a 6907 meter (22,660 ft) peak found on the border with Tibet. The duo put in a valiant attempt, becoming the first climbers to reach the mountain’s headwall, but ultimately they were turned back by high winds and freezing cold temperatures.

In this video, we get a look at that expedition, and what it was like to attempt this big mountain. You’ll see two of the best climbers in the world plying their skills on a formidable Himalayan peak, and while they were thwarted this time out, Lama says they already have plans to return and give it another go. Looking at this beautiful and eye-opening video, you can understand why they are inspired by this challenge.

Kraig Becker