Video: Traveling through Bhutan and Nepal

This video certainly speaks to the hearts and souls of travelers. It takes us on a colorful journey through Bhutan and Nepal, two places where the people that live there are in touch with their spiritual side. Throughout the clip you’ll see some impressive scenes of the people and places that make both of these countries so special and unique. From the snowcapped Himalaya to the lowland jungles, with just about everything in-between, you’ll get a great sense of these truly amazing destinations.

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for that moment in Bhutan and Nepal. from Marko Roth on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Wow, very beautiful video of Bhutan adventure. Thank you for sharing with us. Bhutan is one of the best tourist spots for adventure biking, trekking, and watching the widespread mountain ranges, valleys and plains of the Himalaya. Recently I visited Bhutan for 9 days with Bhutan Mahayana Tours and really this place is so beautiful and attractive. I enjoyed a lot with my family. Keep blogging!

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