Winter Climbs 2016: No Rift On Nanga Parbat International Team After All?

We have a new chapter in the emerging soap opera on Nanga Parbat. Yesterday, I posted an update from the mountain with news that one of the teams was having an internal dispute that had caused them to break apart. But today, comes word that those reports may have been premature, and that everything may be going according to plan.

Citing an update from ExWeb, I shared the news that Alex Txikon and Daniele Nardi were having disagreements over how to proceed on their attempt to make the first winter ascent of Nanga Parbat. The report indicated that a rift had grown between the two climbers, and that Nardi was leaving the expedition. Apparently, that news was either completely false, or way overblown, as Daniele has responded to the news.

According to Stefan Nestler’s Adventure Sports Blog, Nardi has denied that there is any problem between him and Txikon, and that they are continuing to find ways to overcome the challenges they are facing on the mountain. Daniele says that he and Alex have cooperated on multiple expeditions in the past, and things between them remain good. He is quoted as saying “This year, I have considered him to be more than just a partner”, said Nardi. “We will find the best solution.”

It’s good to hear that the relationship is intact and that they are proceeding as a team. If they hope to summit this monster, they’ll need all of their considerable talents working together.

Meanwhile, Simone Moro shared a video of a massive avalanche coming down the Diamir Face on Nanga Parbat today. Check it out below for an idea of what these teams are facing.

Kraig Becker