Himalaya 2016: Who’s Who on Everest This Year?

1920px Mount Everest

As we get closer to the start of the 2016 spring climbing season in the Himalaya, we’re beginning to get an idea of how the next few months will unfold. In his latest blog post, Alan Arnette shares some information about the plans of some of the more well known climbers who will be on Everest this year, including a number of athletes that we cover on The Adventure Blog on a regular basis.

Some of the high profile climbers who will be on the world’s tallest peak this spring include Cory Richards, who will be climbing with Adrian Ballinger on the North Side without oxygen, while Richard Parks will be attempting the same thing from the South Side. Meanwhile, U.S. Marine Charlie Linville, who lost a leg in combat in Iraq, will attempt to summit with the The Heroes Project.

 Other expeditions to keep an eye on include Kilian Jornet attempt at a speed record from the North Side, and Belgian athlete Jelle Veyt, who will ride a bike from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp, where he will then attempt a summit without oxygen as well. My friend Don Mann will also be attempting Everest for the first time, and I’ll be following his progress closely. This former Navy SEAL and intense endurance athlete will be climbing with the Adventure Consultants.

There will not doubt be some other great stories to share as the season unfolds as well. These are just a few of the climber we’ll be keeping an eye on in the days ahead, particularly once the season truly gets underway in just a few weeks time.

Kraig Becker