National Geographic Photographers Share Their Favorite Wildlife Photos


Today is World Wildlife Day, a day that is set aside each year to recognize the amazing plants and animals that we share our planet with. To celebrate this occasion, a group of National Geographic photographers have shared their favorite images of wildlife shot in a variety of places from around the world.

This special photo gallery, which can be found here, features 16 amazing images of some of the most iconic creatures on Earth. Those shots include a leopard prowling through a cityscape, a white weasel in Grand Teton National Park, and two cheetahs on sentry duty on the Serengeti in Africa, amongst others.

If you are a fan of Nat Geo photography, or love wildlife, this is a gallery you’ll definitely enjoy. The images are incredible, and the subject of each photo is amazing too. As someone who loves to shoot photos of animals myself, I can only marvel at these shots and wish that I had taken them myself.

Check out the gallery and get the story behind each image here.

Kraig Becker