Video: The Making of the Expedition Alaska Documentary

Last year I was fortunate enough to be part of the team that put on the Expedition Alaska adventure race. It was 7-day long, 500+ mile (800+ km) race through the wilds of Alaska that tested competitors at every step of the way.

We were joined at the race by a team of very talented young filmmakers from the University of Cincinnati who were a part of a Master Class that came to Alaska to film the race while learning their craft under the supervision of professionals. That documentary is nearing completion, and the UC team released this video to give us an idea of the challenges they endured to capture essence of Expedition Alaska for viewers. In order to do so, they faced many of the same challenges that the racers did as well. Take a look at some of those challenges in the video below, which will give you a glimpse of what the race was all about, while also sharing what it takes to make an adventure film.

Kraig Becker