Video: Mushing Explained – Everything You Need to Know About Dogsledding

As the 2016 Iditarod continues to unfold in the wilds of Alaska, the state’s public media department is producing a series of videos that explain the sport of mushing to those who are new to dogsledding. The videos will be released over the course of the race, with six planned in total. The first two videos have already been posted to YouTube, and you can watch them below.

The first clip is a short and sweet introduction to the new series, which gives viewers an idea of what to expect. It also features some good footage shot prior to the start of the event. Check it out here:

The second video starts to go into more detail on the sport by taking a look at what it takes to design the perfect dogsled. You may think all sleds are created equal, but that is definitely not the case, as you’ll see here. Just like race car drivers, the top mushers also go to great pains to ensure there sled is fast and built to last out on the demanding trail. 

Kraig Becker