Video: Mushing Explained – What Makes Dogs and Mushers Great Partners?

We continue our “Mushing Explained” series from Alaska Public Media today with another video, this time explaining the bond that forms between the sled dogs and their mushers, and how that makes them work together as a team. In order to compete in an event like the Iditarod, the musher and dogs have to be on the same page, or neither will be happy, nor be able to complete the grueling 1000 mile (1600 km) trail. This is something Brent Sass learned the hard way in this year’s race, when his dogs refused to run for him after he pushed them too hard over the course of the event. For the mushers, these dogs are like family, and they treat them as such. Seeing the bond between them is amazing, and you’ll get a glimpse of that here.

Kraig Becker