10 Popular Myths About Everest

2560px Mount Everest as seen from Drukair2 PLW edit

Everest will dominate the news from the outdoor adventure community over the next month and a half. Even now, teams continue to settle in Base Camp on both sides of the mountain, and are beginning their acclimatization rotations in preparation for the challenge of climbing the peak in the days to come. If all goes according to plan, and we manage to dodge the tragedies that have plagued the mountain the past two years, there will be very little reported about this year’s expedition in the mainstream press.

But when those outlets do report on the mountain they often help to perpetuate myths that aren’t necessarily true. With that in mind, German adventure sports writer Stefan Nestler shares 10 errors about Everest that continue to be shared with the general public.

Amongst the errors that Stefan looks to correct are the fact that Everest is a killer mountain. While it is true that people can and do die on Everest, it is relatively safe compared to some other 8000 meter peaks. He also dispels the myth that Everest is a garbage dumb, reminding us that teams now need to bring their trash down with them and that there have been considerable efforts to try to clean up the mountain in recent years. Similarly, he also addresses the idea that the world’s highest peak is covered in corpses.

I won’t give away everything on the list, but I will say that I agree with Stefan’s assessment that these misconceptions about Everest continue to be held by many who don’t understand mountaineering, the Everest climbing community, or the reason why anyone would want to climb in the first place.

Kraig Becker