Gear Closet: Nonda iHere Wireless Item Locator

Are you one of those types of people who is routinely forgets where they place their keys, wallet, smartphone, or other valuables? Is this issue exasperated even further when you travel? Than you’re going to want to add the iHere smart key finder from Nonda to your life. This tiny, rechargeable device attaches to your important gear and helps you to locate it when it goes missing.

The iHere is small enough to serve as a keychain, but packs a surprising amount of functionality into its tiny casing. The device connects to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) via Bluetooth technology, setting up a two-way link that makes it a breeze to track important items.

Once your smartphone and the iHere are paired with one another, you can use a specially developed app for iOS and Android to not only track the location of the whatever the iHere is connected too. The device has a range of about 75 feet, with the current location being displayed on a map to indicate just where it is located at any given time. This can prove incredibly useful when you’ve lost your keys, luggage, or just about any other item you can connect the gadget to.

But that isn’t all that the iHere can do. The device can also ping your phone to help you locate it in a pinch, and it can also be used as a remote control for your smartphone’s camera when you want to take selfies. The iHere app can also bookmark the location of your car when you park it, and help you navigate back later on. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also use the iHere as a remote for the voice recorder on your mobile device as well, allowing you to dictate messages on the go.

Much of this functionality isn’t new, and there are similar gadgets available to help you locate your important items. What sets the iHere one apart however is that it is the only one currently available that comes with a rechargeable battery. Most of the others are either disposable or require you to replace the batteries yourself, but this device lets you recharge it as needed. And with a battery life that is measured in weeks, you won’t have to do that all that often.

Personally, I’m not someone who loses track of his keys or smartphone all that often, but I do like to know where my backpack is when I’m traveling. On a recent trip, I put my iHere in one of the pockets of the pack, which allowed me to stay aware of its location, track where it was at in the airport, and know that I hadn’t wandered too far away from the bag. This provided a nice sense of security, especially since the pack contained some important items that I didn’t want to leave out of my sight.

The iHere carries a price tag of just $19.99, which is incredibly affordable for all of the functionality that it offers. Your smartphone can connect to multiple iHere devices, and you can even rename them within the app to keep track of which one is which. Then, you simply tap on that particular model to track the asset that it is connected to. It is as simple as that.

If you’re someone who frequently loses things or leaves important items behind, than this is an affordable gadget that can help your daily life to be better. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll find it is a nice inclusion to your travel gear. And since it comes with a rechargeable battery, the iHere won’t fail on you at the least opportune time.

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Kraig Becker