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When it comes to warmth and comfort in cold weather conditions, it it hard to beat a good puffy jacket. In fact, they are often so cozy that we’re sometimes reluctant to take them off, even when we get inside. But what if you had a warm puffy of another kind to help keep you warm after you’ve pulled your jacket off? That’s the premise behind the Down Puffy performance blanket from Rumpl, which is so comfy that you’ll want to buy two just to avoid arguments over who gets to wrap up in it.

Much like that down jacket that you love so much, this blanket is made with 20D ripstop nylon complete with a DWR coating to help repel moisture. That same coating also helps it to resist stains and odor too, something that comes in handy not only at home, but around the campsite as well.

Stuffed with 600 fill duck down insulation, the Down Puffy is incredibly soft, warm, and comfortable, without being overly bulky. In fact, it is highly packable, which makes it easy to carry with you anywhere. It even comes with a nice stuff sack to help compress it down to a small footprint when you need to stuff it into a backpack, duffel, or piece of luggage. And since Rumpl uses Dry Down water resistant fill, you literally can take this with you to the backyard, the cabin, or a tent in the backcountry without fear.

Obviously this blanket is very warm and cozy for use in cool and even cold weather conditions, but it can also serve as a sleeping bag replacement for warm weather camp outings as well. Using a blanket allows for more versatility in those conditions, when a regular sleeping bag can feel confining and overly warm, even if it is rated for higher temperatures. You’ll also find the Down Puffy to be a great addition to your camp gear when sitting around the fire before retiring for the evening too.

I can tell you from experience that this blanket is so comfortable and warm that you won’t want to share, even though it is large enough for two. At my house there have been arguments (mostly in jest of course!) over who stakes claim to the Down Puffy, and I can tell you that I can see us packing it on future travel outings simply because it is so easy to take with you and offers so much versatility.

The Down Puffy is described as a “performance blanket” and it carries a price tag to match. Rumpl sells it for $199, which makes it quite an investment for anyone who wants one. I can tell you that it is definitely worth the money, even if it is a bit of a luxury item for use around the home and campsite. But if dropping that much cash on a down blanket seems like too much, Rumpl also offers other puffy blankets in a variety of colors that start at just $65.

Any of these options are a great investment, and make wonderful gifts too. Find out more at

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