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With as much running and cycling as I do, I’ve become a convert to the benefits of compression. Not only do I feel like it helps me to perform better out on the road, but recover faster after my workouts as well. These benefits come from the fact that compression gear helps to stimulate the flow of blood to our muscles, while reducing lactic acids as well, bringing some excellent benefits along with it.

One of my favorite companies that provides compression gear for my workout is SKINS. In colder weather I frequently wear a pair of their tights, and during the warmer month I break out the SKINS shorts. Later, I’ll even don a pair of recovery tights to help get my legs ready for the next workout the following day. Recently, I had a chance to check out the new DNAmic Compression Shirt as well, and true to form it delivers positive benefits too.

Like SKINS compression tights and shorts, this short sleeve shirt is designed to help stimulate the flow of oxygen to our muscles, helping to improve performance in the process. In particular, this shirt is meant to aid the muscles in our shoulders, chest, and core, providing more power and faster recovery post workout.

It is tough to quantify the “more power” part of that equation, but I can definitely attest to its ability to help speed recovery. After a workout with this shirt, I still felt the effects of a workout, with tired muscles and lots of lactic acid build-up. But the impact of those workouts diminishes much more quickly, and I feel less sore when I start my next exercise session as well.

One of the other benefits of wearing compression gear is that it prevents the muscles in your body from vibrating and moving around too much while moving. That helps to keep the wear and tear on those muscles to a minimum, which is a large part of where the post-workout soreness comes from. But since this shirt fits like, well, a second skin, there isn’t much room for your muscles to move about much, which is part of the reason why it is so effective. But it can take a bit to get use to the fit of the shirt, which is tight, but not uncomfortably so.

The DNAmic shirt brings some other nice benefits to the table as well. For instance, it is made of fabrics that wick moisture away quickly and easily, keeping you dry and cool in the process. That can play a big role in staying comfortable while exercising too. On top of that, the shirt offers 50+ UPF protection from the sun too, which definitely comes in handy on those outdoor workouts.

If you’re not already a convert to the compression movement, what are you waiting for? You’ll find a lot of nice benefits from wearing this type of gear, both on your legs and upper body. This shirt is a also a great place to start, as it can be worn on its own or under other equipment and still get maximum performance. And at a pice of $89.99, it is also a reasonably priced product for how high quality it is. Yes, you’ll find some options that cost less, but in my experience that apparel isn’t nearly as durable or effective as the products that come from SKINS.

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Kraig Becker