Himalaya Spring 2016: Climbers Will Take Us to the Summit Via Snapchat

There is no question that technology has made Everest more accessible to all of us. After all, most of us will never get the chance to climb the mountain ourselves, but thanks to a bevy of social media options, videos, blog posts, and instant dispatches it is now possible to follow an Everest expedition from Kathmandu to the summit and back. Now, two climbers are using yet another tech fixture to deliver a completely new Everest experience.

According to Outside Online, mountaineer/photographer Corey Richards and Everest guide Adrian Ballinger will use Snapchat to document their expedition. Over the course of the next six weeks or so, they’ll share photos and short videos directly from the Himalaya where they’ll be climbing the North Side of Everest from Tibet.

Their hope is to show the world’s tallest mountain in an unfiltered manner. Most of the updates we get are curated in some way, giving us an impression of Everest that isn’t necessarily accurate. But Corey and Adrian, who are climbing with Ballinger’s Alpenglow guide company, want to capture not just the triumphant moments of reaching the summit or arriving in Base Camp, but the day-to-day operations as well, some which are often mundane and downright boring.

They chose Snapchat because of quick and easy nature of the app. They’ll use their smartphones to capture images throughout their climb, and then instantly share them to follows back home. You can join in on the fun by following @EverestNoFilter, or Adrian and Corey’s personal Snapchat accounts: @adrianjb and @crichardsphoto.

It is interesting that we now have the connectivity to be able to use smartphones and apps in this capacity. Cell service and data connections have been common, but now they’re being used in some fun and unique ways. It should be fun to see how this evolves in the days ahead.

Kraig Becker